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Key Features

Something for everyone

Discover the
best movies and TV shows

A wide range of lists at your fingertips from trending and popular movies to movies climbing the box office.

Check-In to movies and episodes anytime, anywhere!

Whether you are at the theaters or chilling at your friends house, just check in and share what you are watching.

Create and Manage
your Watchlists

Build your watchlists and custom lists with a single tap.
Never forget that awesome movie you once heard your friend talk about.

Be part of a large cinema loving community!

The Trakt community is now over 1 million making it easy to share your love movies with others.

Choose from the best Oscar and award winning movies!

Carefully prepared curated and staff picked movies help you choose and enjoy only the best movies that deserve your time.

Build Collections and keep track of every movie and show you own!

Your movie collection is one of your most valuable possessions. We help you track your DVDs, Blurays and other media.

Stay on top of the latest movie and TV Show releases!

Calendars and notifications are here to keep you informed about your favorite content!

Gamified elements
and stats

Awesome features which we want you to experience
first hand !


Beautiful Google Material Design

CineTrak takes full advantage of Google's Material Design Guidelines to deliver a responsive and pleasant experience with eye catching animations and transitions.

Full integration with TRAKT

Protect and Access your data anywhere when you login with a Trakt account